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Global X-Network Annual Conference April 20-22, 2017 sponsored by The HafenCity University in Hamburg Germany (Updated Program)

WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF SURPRISES! While many countries have faced turmoil since 1945, Western developed countries have largely operated within the framework of political and economic institutions that were established after World War II. The blessing of 70 years of peace and prosperity has, however, a downside: there have been no major global X-Events [...]

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*|MC:SUBJECT|* Conference Theme: The world in which we all live, work and do business is about to change! But how & with what impact on cities, our social economy and (geo-)politics? Background While turmoil has ravaged most parts of the world, Western developed countries have largely operated within the same framework of political and economic [...]

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The X-Events Index -White Paper by John Casti

The anticipation of an X-event is a bit like weather-forecasting. We take the drivers of atmospheric change, quantities like temperature, air pressure, humidity, wind velocities and the like, and use mathematical equations governing the change of these quantities to come up with a forecast like, “twenty percent chance of rain tomorrow.” Here we might think [...]

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The Socionomic Theory of Finance by Robert Prechter

Crowds, Markets, Moods and Events Book Review by John Casti (Review of the book, The Socionomic Theory of Finance by Robert Prechter, Socionomics Press, Gainesville, GA, 2017) The Socionomic Theory of Finance (STF) is concerned with the behaviors of crowds and the events that stem from those behaviors. Thus, the focus is on the psychology [...]

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Complexity Institute, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore Annual Winter School Event

Winter School is an annual event organized by the Complexity Institute, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. The 5-day program imparts essential knowledge about complexity and complex systems science, enabling participant to answer these questions: • What complexity is really about ? • How complexity manifests itself in the different human activities ? • How it [...]

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Organizational Resilience – How Do You Know If Your Organization Is Resilient or Not?

There are two principle ways to approach resilience measurement; either to try to collect information about as many functions as possible in an organization or to use an indicator that will reflect how an organization is going to manage an unexpected event. Read more

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X-Center Hamburg Germany Joins GXN

4Sing GmbH has established the X-Center Germany as part of the Global X Center Network. The Hamburg-based consulting and idea-generating company invites others to participate in joint development of scenarios and identification of alternative futures. It offers a place to exchange on methods and tools for dealing with "unpredictable futures". Read more..  

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Urban Resilience book published

A number of Global X-Network members collaborated with Yoshiki Yamagata from X-Center Tokyo (FoXc-J) to write, edit and publish a Springer Book title "Urban Resilience" The book is on urban resilience – how to design and operate cities that can withstand major threats such as natural disasters and economic downturns and how to recover from [...]

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