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1707, 2016

Global X-Network Annual Conference April 12-13, 2016

FOCUS: Urban Resilience - Smart Cities - Xevents “MANAGING IN TIMES OF GLOBAL UNCERTAINTY”   This year’s conference was held on the campus of our partner X-Center USA – Stevens Institute [...]

1006, 2016

Dr. William Rouse CCSE Update Presentation and Annie Yu Presentation on Healthcare Mergers and Acquisitions Video Presentation at the Global X-Network Annual Conference April 12th 2016

Global X-Network Annual Conference in Hoboken New Jersey April 12th 2016

2104, 2016

The X-Press — publishing big cross-disciplinary ideas

The X-Press publishes big cross-disciplinary ideas in science, art, and society. Books published by The X-Press are intended for a broad technically or artistically literate audience that is trying to make sense of a complex world. [...]

2607, 2015


Improving efficiency may prove to be a harmful strategy in a global environment that is full of sudden twists, surprises, and shocks. In this situation decision makers have two alternative strategies; either invest in anticipation [...]

2207, 2015

Social Mood Indicator

Social Mood Indicator Social Mood Indicator is an additional measure on the dashboard of the decision makers. SMI shows at a glance what is the situation in nation/organization/customers. Social mood is an endogenous feature of [...]

2207, 2015


Theoretical research at The X-Center will encompass studies of how complexity science can be used to understand the foregoing diagram. This will entail developing a deeper understanding of the different notions of complexity applicable to [...]

2207, 2015


Resilience Planning for “unknown unknowns” is in principle a challenge to the imagination; we have to systematically extend our understanding by pushing the borders of our existing thinking outward from our current perception of what [...]

2207, 2015

Suomi Mood Indicator

Suomi Mood Indicator  Key questions being addressed: What is the dynamics of the society? How can we anticipate discontinuous shifts in the dynamics? What kinds of politics and communications is feasible in the current situation? [...]

2207, 2015

Extreme Events Results of the Study as part of the Human Society initiative at IIASA

This book serves as the final report of the Game Changers project lead by John Casti and coordinated by Leena Ilmola. The project was established towards the end of 2009 as a part of the [...]