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2207, 2015

Suomi Mood Indicator

Suomi Mood Indicator  Key questions being addressed: What is the dynamics of the society? How can we anticipate discontinuous shifts in the dynamics? What kinds of politics and communications is feasible in the current situation? [...]

2207, 2015

Extreme Events Results of the Study as part of the Human Society initiative at IIASA

This book serves as the final report of the Game Changers project lead by John Casti and coordinated by Leena Ilmola. The project was established towards the end of 2009 as a part of the [...]

2207, 2015

Space of Uncertainty

Uncertainty Scan Uncertainty focused Delphi has been developed for scanning for potentially disruptive drivers of the operating environment. This is a major difference to the traditional Delphi study that focuses on looking for a consensus [...]

2207, 2015

Structural Scenarios

Structural scenarios have been developed for the foresight exercise in which we try to generate ideas about the future for the environment that we know our cognitive constraints are prominent; we know very little about [...]

2207, 2015

Game Changer Stress Test

  The current strategy of the organization is based on the situation of the operating environment and uses the existing strengths and capabilities as a starting point. In most of the organizations, megatrends-based foresight exercise [...]

2207, 2015

Shocks and South Korea

Key questions being addressed: How to succeed in the world of surprises? What are the long-term national resilience requirements that emerge from the increasing uncertainties in the global physical and social environments? What kinds of [...]

2207, 2015

Social Mood

The social mood concept developed is based on four principal theoretical frameworks: Socionomics (Prechter 2003, Casti 2010) – how the social mood, the way a population feels about the future, biases and shapes the character [...]

2207, 2015

Complexity Gap

  When two (or more) systems are in interaction, each system has its own level of complexity, which is usually tied up with how many degrees of freedom the system has for taking independent actions [...]

2207, 2015

What Are X-Events?

Events that are: rare, surprising, and with large social impact Examples from Nature: Earthquakes, hurricanes, asteroid impacts, ice age Examples from Human Causes: Pandemic, nuclear holocaust, collapse of power grid

2207, 2014

Seven Shocks – Finland – Project Outline

Seven Shocks – Finland Key questions being addressed: How can a small open national economy succeed in the world of surprises? Background IIASA/Xevents team has developed a unique methodology for analyzing external shocks and their [...]