Social Mood Indicator

Social Mood Indicator Social Mood Indicator is an additional measure on the dashboard of the decision makers. SMI shows at a glance what is the situation in nation/organization/customers. Social mood is an endogenous feature of a social system and it is hard, or even impossible to change. But it is essential to understand the situation [...]

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Suomi Mood Indicator

Suomi Mood Indicator  Key questions being addressed: What is the dynamics of the society? How can we anticipate discontinuous shifts in the dynamics? What kinds of politics and communications is feasible in the current situation? Our collaboration partners are the Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Interior of Finland. Also this project is conducted in [...]

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Social Mood

The social mood concept developed is based on four principal theoretical frameworks: Socionomics (Prechter 2003, Casti 2010) – how the social mood, the way a population feels about the future, biases and shapes the character and timing of social events, such as elections, political and social upheavals and economic trends (National Coordination Secretariat 2008, 143-168). [...]

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