Space of Uncertainty

Uncertainty Scan Uncertainty focused Delphi has been developed for scanning for potentially disruptive drivers of the operating environment. This is a major difference to the traditional Delphi study that focuses on looking for a consensus of the expert panel about future developments. Principle The web-based scan collects all the potential drivers of the operating environment [...]

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Structural Scenarios

Structural scenarios have been developed for the foresight exercise in which we try to generate ideas about the future for the environment that we know our cognitive constraints are prominent; we know very little about the drivers that may shape the environment. Principle The idea is to generate as many different structures as possible based [...]

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Game Changer Stress Test

  The current strategy of the organization is based on the situation of the operating environment and uses the existing strengths and capabilities as a starting point. In most of the organizations, megatrends-based foresight exercise has been included in the strategy process. If, for some reason, there is a lot of uncertainty about the trend [...]

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