The Socionomic Theory of Finance by Robert Prechter

Crowds, Markets, Moods and Events Book Review by John Casti (Review of the book, The Socionomic Theory of Finance by Robert Prechter, Socionomics Press, Gainesville, GA, 2017) The Socionomic Theory of Finance (STF) is concerned with the behaviors of crowds and the events that stem from those behaviors. Thus, the focus is on the psychology [...]

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Urban Resilience book published

A number of Global X-Network members collaborated with Yoshiki Yamagata from X-Center Tokyo (FoXc-J) to write, edit and publish a Springer Book title "Urban Resilience" The book is on urban resilience – how to design and operate cities that can withstand major threats such as natural disasters and economic downturns and how to recover from [...]

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The X-Press — publishing big cross-disciplinary ideas

The X-Press publishes big cross-disciplinary ideas in science, art, and society. Books published by The X-Press are intended for a broad technically or artistically literate audience that is trying to make sense of a complex world. Click here for The X-Press Full Site

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