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Membership in an international network of extreme event research centers and scholars

Presently, there are X-Centers in Austria, Finland, Japan, South Korea, and the United States, with discussions underway in Germany and Singapore for new X-Centers in these countries. This gives every member Center immediate contacts for joint projects in these geographic regions.


Access to information on X-events

Each X-Center may participate in the annual X-Center global symposium, receive the X-Network newsletter, gain access to the X-Network library of materials on extreme events, and be represented and post on the X-Network web site.


Collaborate with other X-event scholars

One of the principal aims of the X-Network is to keep close track of the various projects each X-Center is engaged in and circulate this information on a regular basis to all members of the X-Network. This also includes identifying specific researchers in each project, so that contact among X-Centers can be amplified. In this manner, scholars in one X-Center can identify investigators in other X-Center with whom they can initiate appropriate collaboration efforts. In short, The X-Network serves as a kind of “switchboard” to connect researchers around the world who should know each other–but don’t.