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Project Description

DSC_0616Adrian Taylor

Founder 4Sing Foresight to Strategy for Security and Sustainability in Governance – Hamburg, Germany

Adrian Taylor helps both public and private sector clients to use foresight methods to formulate robust strategy options. His role is that of providing content input, process design as well as workshop moderation especially in security and sustainability related issues. He has experience in using a number of methods that leverage Open Source Intelligence, and the Parmenides Eidos Suite of software tools for supporting (but not in any way replacing) human reasoning to anticipate future changes in the world outside. In the course of his work he has had occasion to work in over 33 countries of the world, and runs workshops in English, French and German.

Adrian has over two decades of working experience, and has previously been a junior officer in the British Army, a lobbyist on EU matters, a scenario planner in a joint venture with Global Business Network, Desk Officer for India at the European Commission and a visiting scholar at Georgia Tech, before joining the European School of Governance (eusg) – his last job prior to becoming self-employed.  He was also President of the European Open Source Intelligence Forum in parallel to his employment with the eusg.

His education includes: Degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics Trinity College Oxford, and a License Spéciale (Masters) in European Studies with “Grande Distinction” from the Université Libre deBruxelles.   Adrian is also author of a number of published essays, and regularly contributes editorial pieces to on-line journals.
Adrian was born and raised in London, England, and has subsequently spent 24 years living elsewhere, notably Gibraltar, Brussels, Atlanta, Zurich, New York, and Munich.  He currently resides in Hamburg.