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Project Description

johnathan-4singCurrent activity
Jonathan Buhl is in parallel working for 4Sing GmbH and independently as a strategy consultant. He still uses the tools and methods of his former employer, the European School of Governance (eusg), a company specialised in supporting the public sector with skills, tools, capabilities and software-based tools to support human reasoning processes. As a consultant he specialised in scenario based strategizing and project conception. He was recently involved in a resource modeling project for the German environment agency, connecting a system dynamic with an econometric modeling system. Furthermore he was responsible for a crowd-visioning project in Sfax, Tunesia, supporting local authorities in developing a regional development action plan on the basis of the ideas of the community members. His skills include systemic organizational analysis and development techniques, as well as comprehensive monitoring and evaluation systems.

Fields of expertise
Project conception and continuous strategy adjustment;
Participative methodologies for strategy development;
Crowd visioning processes and software based result aggregation and visualization;
Developing monitoring and quality management systems and tools;
Systemic organizational development.

Previous experience
Jonathan’s working experience started seven years ago as a junior consultant for Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ – German development co-operation) in Algiers, Algeria, where he then took a post until 2013, developing a comprehensive monitoring system for the economic development program and being responsible for continuous strategy development using the Parmenides Eidos™ decision making tool suite. He implemented EFQM quality management systems in the program as well as in the Algerian agency for Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SME)-promotion. He is also familiar with Islamic banking systems for SME and micro-insurance systems. His tasks included as well process- and portfolio management and project conception for youth employment and SME-promotion. In 2013 he joined European School of Governance (eusg) as a strategy consultant for a public consultation project in Libya. Since 2015 he is working as a freelance in close cooperation with 4Sing GmbH.

Education & Training
Jonathan completed his studies of Politics, Philosophy and Journalism at Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena and Sciences Po Rennes. He also holds a Master of Public Policy degree from Humboldt University Berlin.

Jonathan is able to work in German, English and French speaking environments.