Global X-Network Annual Conference April 12-13, 2016

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FOCUS: Urban Resilience – Smart Cities – Xevents


This year’s conference was held on the campus of our partner X-Center USA – Stevens Institute of Technology – Center for Complex Systems and Enterprises (CCSE)
Location: 525 River Street, Babbio Center, 5th Floor Hoboken, NJ 07030 in the Immersion Lab

Uncertainty is increasing: But decisions have to be made daily

Today’s current strategy to deal with complexity is to try to collect more information and invest in anticipation systems. Our research indicates that the optimal strategy in today’s times of new X-Events is when there is no historical data —— Accept uncertainty and invest in resilience.

A major change was designed into this years conference by inviting leaders in the business community. This sparked on both sides a new conversation on resilience. The business executives report that our research assisted them to open the bigger conversation related to complexity, resilience, xevents and security with their respective customers.
This years conference agenda focused on Urban Resilience – Smart Cities – Xevents
You can download the full agenda HERE

Below are the key speakers topics, presentations and video recordings of the sessions.


Dr. John Casti

Key Note Speaker

X-Events and Investment Funds

See Presentation File and Video Recording

Moti Shabtai, President of Qognify

Key Note Speaker

Mr. Shabtai spoke about How “situational awareness” is applied as a predictive model, and how research helps mitigating the X-event

See Presentation File and Video Recording


Brenda Fox

Brenda J. Fox – Welcome

Brenda opened the conference and  introduced the quests from the business world.

See Presentation

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Center for Complex Systems & Enterprises Overview
Immersion Lab Demo

Bill Rouse gave an update on CCSE , it’s growth and strategic plan.

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The X-Press Update

The X-Press
We are  all excited to announce that the Global X-Network has launched its own publishing arm. Partnering with Professor with Dr. John Casti and Dr. Roger Jones we introduced The X-Press.

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Dr. Leena Ilmola – Resilience Measurement

Dr. Ilmola gave an update on her research project  Resilience Measurement  and Introduced her Chapter “Measurement of Urban Resiliencein Global X-Network collaborative effort on a Springer Book on Urban Resilience due to be published in the fall of 2016

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Dr. Markku Wilenius – Turku Complex Systems Institute

Dr. Wilenius introduced his new Turku Complex Systems Institute (TCSI) which is focused on:

  • Developing methods and frameworks to tackle complex future challenges in systems way
  • The Institute is hosted at the University of Turku but, from the outset, will be highly internationalized, with foreseeable activities in Finland, Canada, US and worldwide.
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S. Miranda-da-Cruz – X-events: aspects of vulnerability in latin america & the caribbean

Former Director, UNIDO – United Nations Industrial Development Organization

Presentation Outline

  1.  IMdC – location; south-america/brazil/state of sao paulo
  2. objectives;resilience of countries/productive sectors role of science & technology; applied mathematics (investments/pension funds)
  3.  x-events: latin america & the caribbean
  4.  the way forward
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Brenda J. Fox – Global X-Network Update

Brenda J. Fox discussed:

  1. The Global X-Network Structure
  2. The new publishing arm The X-Press
  3. Important linkages to the business community

Professor Chihiro Watanabe

X-Center Japan (FoxJ) Update

Professor Watanabe  discussed:

  1. Core Founding Members
  2. Office of the Secretariat
  3. Focal Operations
  4. Monthly Evening Forum
  5. Outcomes

Thomas Bruderman
Assistant Professor – Institute for Systems Science, Innovation & Sustainability Research

How do different scientific disciplines contribute to the understanding of phenomena driven by mass psychology?

See Presentation

Urban Resilience Presentations

Brenda Fox

Alexandros Washburn

Industry Professor at Stevens Institute of Technology and former Chief Urban Designer of New York City of City Planning

Discussed the important elements of SMART CITY PLANNING. See Video Presentation
Alex also introduced his new Center for Coastal Resilience & Urban eXcellence (CRUX ) program at Stevens Institute.

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 Jose Emmanuel Ramirez-Marquez
School of Systems & Enterprises Stevens Institute of Technology

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Gregg Vesonder, Ph.D.
Industry Professor and Director, Research, Systems and Software Engineering, Stevens Institute of Technology

Discussed Smart City Hoboken

Over a year ago our lab began turning up a prototype smart city installation in Hoboken, New Jersey.  This talk will describe the prototype, chronicle our adventures with the prototype and provide insight to the trials of developing the data infrastructure for complex environments and systems.  It will end with a discussion of possible future architectures for the data layer of systems meant to capture and enhance resilience to extreme and not so extreme events.

See Presentation

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Ms. Josephine Yilan Liu

Founding partner of URBAN FUTURE Global Conference (UFGC)

Goal of the URBAN FUTURE Initiative is to use a set of tools – URBAN FUTURE Global Conference, URBAN FUTURE Projects and an network of investment institutions – to leverage existing expertise in order to promote an integrated approach to tackling complex, multi-sector issues, and promote an integrated approach to sustainable urban planning and financing, this will take place by integrating necessary know-how and experience from the pool of experts into actual pilot projects in cities around the world.

See presentation

Dr. Roger Jones


X-Events in Non-Social Systems Presentation
The Search for Fundamental Principles of Sudden Extreme Events

See Presentation

Roger Jones Presentation Logo

Global X-Network Pilots their new Urban Resilience X-Game

The “X-Game“, version Urban Resilience offers cities world-wide the possibility to identify their weak-points and stimulate their sustainability and resilience by means of a policy simulation game. This is particularly important today, as the world’s Heads of State and Government agreed in 2015 on 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) to be achieved by 2030. SDG number 11 commits governments – and all urban areas – to “make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable”.  In NYC there is a major concentration of organizations (e.g. Rockefeller, Bloomberg, Clinton, UN) actively promoting projects and raising awareness with regards to this goal e.g. Rockefeller’s 100 resilient cities project.  The challenge facing all of them is to understand exactly what future changes will move the needle on sustainability, and to introduce new ideas in a manner that they are not seen as outside impositions. During the X-Network Meeting in April 2016 in Hoboken at the Stephens Institute, colleagues playing the game gave feedback on NYC’s current sustainability and developed tactical and strategic ideas to improve resilience further.

Four members of the Global X-Network Win a major grant from the government of Finland to research Platform Economics


See project details

Dr. Leena Ilmola

See Presentation

Brenda J. Fox

Platform Value Now (PVN) Hub Architecture

Professor Chihiro Watanabe

Professor Watanabe has written several papers on the increasing trend “Uncaptured GDP”. In this presentation uses  Uber’s ride sharing revolution to demonstration this phenomenon.

Dr. Victor Vurpillat

Discusses his Horizon Scanning  initial findings for “Platform Economics

End of Conference

“Member and Conference Participant Feedback”

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