Social Mood Indicator

Social Mood Indicator

Social Mood Indicator is an additional measure on the dashboard of the decision makers. SMI shows at a glance what is the situation in nation/organization/customers. Social mood is an endogenous feature of a social system and it is hard, or even impossible to change. But it is essential to understand the situation in order to plan the most efficient policies/strategies or change management plans.

Social Mood of the customers defines the efficiency of the marketing messages and has a strong impact on the purchasing behaviors.


Social mood is measured with a dedicated web-based tools, existing statistics and analysis of the narratives. After the measurement tools have been customized for the organization, tools produce automatic report.

How to use results?

SMI can be used as

  • a part of the anticipation system (for disruptive behavior in the national level or for the market behavior or efficiency of the advertising)
  • as a diagnostic tool that will guide for more efficient implementation of policies/strategies/marketing plans